Recent Calls
Tue. Apr 7th 2020
Lorraine Fire was dispatched at 4:40 am for a reported Structure Fire on County Route 17 in the Town of Boyston. Lorraine Fire assisted Lacona FD with 2 Tanker/Pumpers, Rescue and 8 personnel. Structu...
Mon. Mar 30th 2020
Lorraine Fire was dispatched at 10:31 am for a Fire Alarm at 4 West Church Street in the Village of Adams. Lorraine Fire responded with 2 Tanker/Pumpers. Rescue and 11 personnel. Call was cancelled wh...
Thu. Mar 26th 2020
Lorraine Fire and 1st Responders were dispatched at 7:29 pm for a call in the woods behind a farm on County Route 189 in the Town of Lorraine for a man pinned under a tree. Lorraine Fire received Mutu...
Tue. Mar 10th 2020
Lorraine Fire was dispatched at 1:20 am for a possible Structure Fire in the Village of Adams. Call ended up being a dumpster fire near a structure. Lorraine Fire responded with 2 Tanker/Pumpers, Resc...
Fri. Mar 6th 2020
Lorraine Fire was dispatched to Snowmobile Accident near Loomis Road in the Town of Worth on a snowmobile trail. Lorraine Fire responded with Engine, Rescue, UTV and 7 personnel. Patient was transport...
News Headlines
Mon. Sep 30th 2019
Our new Tanker/Pumper has arrived. 2020 Freightliner/Toyne 1000 GPM pump and 2000 gallon water.
Sun. Sep 1st 2019
Nearing final assembly
Sat. Aug 24th 2019
We had 17 members participate in EVOC Training today. The class consisted of class room and hands on driver driving. Our drivers re-certify every 3 years and have continuous training each year.
Fri. Aug 16th 2019
Construction of new truck is moving along. We expect delivery of the new truck in mid September 2019. This will replace a 31 year old pumper and a 23 year old tanker.
Wed. Aug 14th 2019
Our 2019 Annual Fund Drive letters are in the mail. This years donations will go toward the purchase of a new Tanker/Pumper. We expect delivery of the new truck in late September 2019. The truck will ...
Rescue 28-6-1
2011 Ford Super Duty 4 X 4
9' Rescue Body
2 Telescoping LED Flood Lights
EMS Equipment
AED Defibrillator
Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan
Halligan Bar
4 MSA Air Packs
4 Spare Air Cylinders
Stokes Basket
Tanker/Pumper 28-4-1
2009 Freightliner/Ferrara
1500 GPM Pump
1500 Gallon Water
20 Gallon Class A Foam Tank
10" Quick Dump
1000' 5" Supply Hose
2-200' 1 3/4" Preconnects
1-200' 2 1/2" Preconnect
Cutter Edge Rescue Saw
2000 Watt Generator
2-Telescoping LED Flood Lights
4 MSA Air Packs
1 MSA Gas Meter
Thermal Imaging Camera
Tanker/Pumper 28-4-2
2020 Freightliner/Toyne
1000 GPM Pump
2000 Gallon Tank
10" Swivel Quick Dump
1-2100 Gallon Portable Folding Tank
2- 200' 1 3/4" Preconnected Hose Lines
1- 200' 2 1/2" Preconnected Hose Line
Portable Generator
2-500 Watt Portable Lights
UTV 28-7-1
2010 Polaris Ranger Crew
Kimtek Firelite Skid Unit
50 GPM Pump
75 Gallon Water Tank
100' 3/4" Booster Hose
Stokes Basket
EMS Equipment
3-5 Gallon Back Pumps
UTV 28-7-1
2010 Polaris Ranger Crew
Tracks for Trail Rescue

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