Recent Calls
Thu. Jul 2nd 2020
Lorraine Fire and 1st Responders were dispatched at 7:08 pm to a UTV accident with injuries on Hayes Road in the Town of Worth. Lorraine Fire responded with Engine, Rescue and 12 personnel. Patient wa...
Sat. Jun 27th 2020
Lorraine Fire was dispatched at 5:57 am for a Fire Alarm at the South Jefferson High School in Adams. Lorraine Fire responded to the scene with 2 Tanker/Pumpers, Rescue and 6 personnel. No fire, retur...
Mon. Jun 15th 2020
Lorraine Fire was dispatched at 4:51 pm, mutual aid to Rodman FD for a barn fire on County Route 95 in the Town of Rodman. Lorraine Fire assisted with 2 Tanker/Pumpers, Rescue and 12 personnel. Severa...
Thu. Jun 4th 2020
Lorraine Fire was dispatched at 11:56 pm for a Structure Fire on County Route 96 in the Town of Worth. Received automatic Mutual Aid from Adams FD and Rodman FD. Structure was a Camp that was fully in...
Fri. May 29th 2020
Lorraine Fire was dispatched to a Vehicle Fire on Kate Hall Road in the Town of Lorraine, which is a minimum maintenance road. Exact location was unknown which delayed response due to an impassable br...
News Headlines
Thu. Jul 2nd 2020
Welcome back to Joe Wasilewski as he returns as an active member.
Wed. May 27th 2020
Congratulations to Firefighter Brian Soules, on becoming our newest EMT as he passed the EMT-B exam this morning.
Sat. May 23rd 2020
Truck Captains for 2020-2021 appointed were: 28-4-1 Brent Nichols28-4-2 Mike Bellinger28-6-1 Brian Soules28-7-1 Jim Bice
Mon. May 4th 2020
Election of Officers for 2020-2021 was held Monday night. Officers elected were: President-Brent Nichols, Vice President-Stacey Pitkin, Secretary-Bilkey Moore, Treasurer-Donald Gould, Chaplain-Michael...
Mon. Sep 30th 2019
Our new Tanker/Pumper has arrived. 2020 Freightliner/Toyne 1000 GPM pump and 2000 gallon water.


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